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Penil prosthesis is under social insurance payment on certain conditions. - 27.01.2017

By filling out the contact form below, you can find all the questions that you have in mind and the closest doctors who wear penile prosthesis. In which SSI hospital can I operate? And Penil Prostate social insurance? Or cost of treatment, such as treatment centers, the answer depends on the condition of the patient (eg, diabetes, insulin addiction). For this reason, we can help you more quickly about penile prostheses by filling out the form below and asking for your name, e-mail address and phone number. If you send it, we will contact you immediately.

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B.S. from Edirne. I am a retiree and I am 65 years old and I am a type 1 diabetes patient with Insulin Dependence. I was wondering about the happiness bar. Thanks to your site, I noticed the solution and my urologist suggested me a three piece inflatable penile prosthesis. I confirmed too. My sexual life is as good as ever. It’s a miracle that sexual functions are like the old ones. My wife and I are very happy. Thank God and thank you.

Selamun Aleyküm, Y.A. I’m captain of the ship and I’m 59 years old. I had a prostate cancer operation. I heard these prostheses from my friend. Thanks to this web page I learned the types of prostheses. They are very helpful to me. I decided to make a transplanted expandable prosthesis. Thank goodness I got my manhood now. My wife and I were very happy to be a child owner again at this point. We thank you.

T.K from Ankara and my 62 year old retired teacher. Before I applied a transversal penile prosthesis, I used shock wave therapy. As a permanent solution I could not get the result I wanted, my inflatable penile prosthesis physician suggested. So I decided to listen to my doctor and put this prosthesis on. Now my sexual life is back to normal. My marriage survived. I offer my eternal gratitude to you and my family.

I was from Antalya, H.A., I was 51 years old and I was using sexually active medicines which were from step-by-step treatments but I could not see any effect. I realized this site while researching it on the internet for a permanent solution. The health counselors gave me information about this solution. In the light of this information, I applied to the urologist. 3 piece Inflatable Penile Prosthesis. There are visible changes in my life right now. I remarried and set up a new life. Thank you.

I am a mechanical engineer and 56 years old from Munich, Germany. There were relatives in Turkey. I was visiting Turkey sometime. I was very unhappy with my wife recently. I was looking for a way out. I went to the doctor and found out that the hardening problem was persistent as a result of penile doppler ultrasonography. I have already used drugs, shock waves and other treatments before, but I did not get the result I wanted. I saw information about the happiness bar in the news sites, and I wondered if I was looking. I filled out the form on this site. I hope they will come back, they called me and gave me information about prostheses. I wanted to go to the urologist and write a three-part inflatable penile prosthesis. I put a prosthesis with one day’s operation. Now my marriage is renewed and my wife loves me now. God, if you do not mind. Thank you very much.